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Sup 14' Boards From BlueFin
Sup 14' Boards From BlueFin

ROC Sup Co Paddle Board Review

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ROC SUP Review

The ROC Paddle board has become the most popular amazon inflatable paddle board for beginners. This board is one of the best budget options for beginners looking to get into paddle boarding. The ROC Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is an excellent choice for anyone who is just starting out with paddleboarding. It’s affordable, easy to use, and extremely durable.

The ROC SUP is made from drop-stitch PVC material that is extremely durable and lightweight at only 18 lbs! This board can handle anything you throw at it including rocks, sand, mud, puddles, etc… I have personally used this paddle board in all types of terrain from lakes to rivers and have never had any issues with it losing air or leaking through use or abuse!

ROC Paddle Board Review Video

The Pros and Cons

  • A budget-Friendly option that comes with everything you need.
  • A great option for beginners looking to paddle flat water.
  • Fun and playful design with tons of options.
  • Extremely light-weight design ( Only 18 pounds )
  • American company - Customer service is great.
  • Everything except for the board is very cheaply made.
  • Only 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Not fast in the water.
  • Doesn’t handle rougher water well at all. .

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ROC paddle board review
A photo of my ROC Paddle Board Dessert edition

Is the ROC Paddle Board for you?

The ROC paddle board is primarily made for beginners looking to get their first paddle board that comes with absolutely everything you need to get started. This is a great option if you want to get out on the water without spending a lot of money. This board is not a good option if you are looking to go river paddle boarding or on the ocean.

It comes with a paddle, pump and bag which makes it easy to get started right away. The inflatable SUP board is lightweight and durable making it ideal for those who want to take it anywhere. The ROC paddle board also has three fins on which allow you to track easily through the water. The ROC paddle board a stable board because of its rockered nose and its width at 32”. 

Many people use this SUP as a way to exercise because it’s so easy to transport and store in your garage or basement when not in use. It can also be used for yoga classes or by kids who want something fun to ride around on during the summer months.

Personal Experiences with the ROC Paddle Board

When I got the ROC paddle board the next weekend I immediately took my girlfriend out on the water with me and let her take the ROC paddle board for a spin. It took about 6 minutes for me to fully inflate to 15 psi but you can get away with only inflating it to 12 psi if you get tired. The size and lightweight combined made it perfect for my girlfriend to maneuver and carry around. We went down the river and my girlfriend did have some problem maneuvering it in the river because of the rough waves and the fact we decided to not put the center fin on because of the river was shallow.

We then decided to take it out on lake next where there were much calmer waters. We both took turns paddling out into open water and going as far as we could before turning back. The conditions were perfect that day, sunny with no wind or waves so it was easy to go out without any problems or issues with maneuvering through windy conditions or waves.

This paddle board is great for beginners because of its stability when standing up, however, if you are looking for something that does better in rivers in oceans you will have to find a better paddle board like the Bluefin cruise paddle board.

ROC Paddle Board Review Specs & Features


The ROC paddle board is your go-to inflatable stand-up paddleboard for all flatwater conditions. Its all-around shape makes it very stable—ideal for beginners and those looking for a fun ride on small breaks.

The measurements of the ROC Paddle Board are:

  • Dimensions: 10’ x 32″ x 6.”

  • Weight: 18 lbs

  • Recommended inflation: 15-18 psi

  • Max Weight: 350 lbs


The ROC paddleboard is designed for flat water conditions and performs best in those conditions. The tracking is okay, but it’s really maneuverable and responsive to movements. The board turns great and is extremely stable for its size.

The ROC paddleboard also has one of the best weight capacities on the market—it can carry up to 350 pounds without sacrificing stability or speed. It’s also incredibly light, weighing less than 20 pounds, meaning you can easily carry it from your car to the water without any problems.


The tracking of the paddle board is by far the worst caterogry. The shape of the paddle board is great for stability but not too good for for tracking. That means that you will have a hard time paddling in a straight line.

Fin System

This board has 2 small fins and one big fin, of which the big fin is removable. The two small fins are placed on both sides at the rear of the board. The big fin is placed at the back of the board in the center, but it can also be removed easily if you don’t want it or if you want to replace it with another type of fin.

The small fins are made from flexible plastic and have a pretty standard design. They are very flexible so they will bend when you press them against something hard like rocks, sand or even other boards (if you happen to bump into someone).


The ROC paddleboard has one area for storage which is at the front of the board and consists of three rows of bungee cords. The allows you to store items like dry bags, life jackets, and other items you will need while you are out on the water. The bungee cords on this paddleboard are stretchy and can be adjusted to fit different sized items that you may want to store on your board. 

Quality & Materials

The ROC paddle board is made from “Military grade” polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with DuraWeld Technology. Don’t let this sway your decision because a ton of paddle board companies use this terminology to persuade the buyer into buying the paddle board. There is no military-grade standard for the paddle board materials.

The materials used in the construction of this paddle board are not bad at all. The color scheme is nice, so if you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like every other paddle board out there and has some color, then this could be worth a look.


The ROC Paddleboard cruise comes with great packaging and carrying system that is extremely comfortable on long hikes and easy to carry. The lightweight design makes it feel like nothing when you are carrying it in the carrying bag. The paddle board is packaged in a compact carrying bag that has a shoulder strap for easy transportation. This makes it easy to carry around and store. 


The maneuverability of the ROC paddle board is one of its best features because of its lightweight design and 10 foot length. You can easily turn this thing 360 degree with little effort and training. You should have no problems maneuvering around obstacles but, I will say sometimes it can be too maneuverable.

ROC Paddle Board Accessories

The ROC Paddle Board is designed to be more than just a great paddleboard. It’s also equipped with a number of accessories that will enhance your paddleboarding experience. They include an aluminum paddle, a single-action pump, a coiled leash, a backpack, a valve tighter, and a center fin.

ROC Paddle Board Paddle

Aluminum Paddle

The paddle that comes with the ROC paddle board is a relatively cheap paddle. It is adjustable for height which is helpful, but aluminum is one of the cheapest options for a paddle because they tend to bend and break faster over time. The ROC paddle board is designed with beginners in mind, so if this is your first time using a paddle board, then you don’t need to worry about having the best paddle.

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ROC SUP pump
ROC SUP pump

Single-Action Pump

It’s a cheap single-action (one chamber) pump, which means it’s not going to be as efficient as an dual-action pump. You’ll be able to use it, but you’ll have to work hard at it and take your time. When I tested it at full force and tried to pump the board up fast all the way to 15 psi, it took me 6 minutes and 30 seconds—typically I would assume it would take 10 minutes if you aren’t wanting to get worn out!

So if you’re looking for a quick way to get your board inflated before heading out, this isn’t going to do it for you. But if you’re committed to getting some exercise while inflating your board, then this might be a good option for you! I would recommend getting electric pump because it will save you a lot of time and sweat!

ROC coiled leash

Coiled Leash

The ROC Paddle Board package includes a coiled leash that attaches to the rear D-ring of the board. You can wear it over your ankle or calf, and it helps retrieve the board in case you fall off. It also keeps you connected so you don’t drift too far apart from each other. This safety feature is important for beginners or if you are in rough waters.

ROC paddle board bag


The backpack that comes with the board is a relatively standard backpack with no extra features. The board does fit in the bag very nicely without any struggle and the shoulder straps are extremely comfortable because of the extra padding.

ROC Paddle board dry bag

Dry Bag

The ROC paddle board dry bag is a great option to keep your valuables safe and secure while you’re out on the water. It’s one of the smallest dry bags I’ve seen come with a paddle board, but it works really well for storing small items like phones and wallets.

ROC Paddle board valve tightner

Valve Tightener

The ROC valve tightener is a tool that you may have to use if your paddle board ever starts to leak a bit of air from its air valve. This is the first time I have not received a full repair kit with a paddle board purchase, which was a bit shocking to find out.

Optional Accesorries

Electric Pump

Bluefin Crosstour Action Camera

Other Online Review

Amazon 5/5 “We are beginners in SUP. After a lesson last year at Virginia Beach on a hard board we decided when we got back home to Kentucky to buy inflatable for storage, portability, and use on flatwater. We purchased two one for my wife and one for my stepdaughter. They are fairly easy to inflate it does take some arm strength but my wife and 13 year old stepdaughter can air them up in about 10 min to the 15 psi which I don’t think is bad. They are firm but have some give. Felt sturdy maybe not as much as the hard board we used at Virginia Beach but we also realize we only paid 350 for an entry level board which has exceeded our expectations.

The extras are nice too. A nice dry bag, and a super comfortable backpack to store and carry. We have an Ancheer also and it’s backpack is garbage compared to the ROC backpacks. Lots of straps and padding to make it easy to pack into places. Even our 13 year old can pack hers around with no discomfort. The paddle is also very nice. It floats in case you drop it and it extends to a good height. I am 6 foot with a long arms and it fits me well. Deflating them and storing is super easy too. Our daughter can fully deflate hers and roll it up with no assistance. We can fit both in the hatchback of my Jetta wagon with lots of room to spare. We purchased these at the beginning of June and have had them out on four different lakes already. Sunday we paddled a good 4 miles and into a narrow cave and it did awesome. All in all if your nervous about trying out a board and are a beginner on a budget I think they are a great place to start.

Outdoorgearlab 4/5 “The inflatable SUP is one of the shortest and lightest boards in our lineup and on the market, making it a great choice for kids or families. Its simple design with rounded nose makes it slow for straight-ahead paddling, but this board provides plenty of versatile fun for beginner paddlers to get on the water or for more experienced paddlers to surf or splash around. The board’s light, flexible construction can get tossed around in rougher water, but also makes it playful and versatile enough for more timid paddlers.

Standupandpaddleboard 4/10 “ The ROC Paddle Board is a great, complete package for a really low price. As the number one board in my list of cheap paddle boards, it’s obvious why it has so many positive reviews. If you are a beginner and want to buy a good complete set to try it out and see if you like the sport, the ROC Paddle Board is the best choice for you!


ROC Paddle board
My ROC paddle board trip at the beach

Questions Commonly asked of the ROC Paddle Board

ROC paddle boards are good for beginners that are looking to get into the sport but there are better options for intermediate to advanced paddlers. ROC paddle boards are made by a company called ROC and they specialize in creating high-quality boards that are designed with beginners in mind.

ROC SUP CO. is based out of Tampa, Florida. It is difficult to say where the boards are exactly made but one can assume that they are manufactured out of an Asian manufacturing facility. 

To inflate the ROC paddle board you will want to take the single action pump that the board comes with and put it together ( meaning you will want to screw the hose to the pump ). Then you will want to attach the hose to the air valve on the paddle board and begin to pump. The pump will not read the correct PSI until it is at about 5-8 psi. Make sure you have the pin in the air valve turned upwards while inflating the board.
It is made to be rolled up. Please be sure to store it in a place that is neither too hot nor too cold, as this could cause damage to the material.

Our Conclusion

The ROC paddle board is a beginner friendly board that is a great option for anyone that is looking to get into the sport of paddle boarding. The board is made of quality material that will last a few years of taken care of.

The ROC has great stability and can be used by any skill level, but it would be best suited to use by beginners or those who want a smaller board for easy paddling. The ROC comes with a carrying bag which makes it easier to transport from place to place or store away when not in use.

The ROC paddle board is an affordable option for anyone looking to get into paddle boarding without spending too much money or space in their home. This board would also make an excellent gift idea for someone who has been wanting to try out paddle boarding but hasn’t yet because they haven’t had the right equipment yet!

I am a Paddle Board enthusiast that fell in love with paddleboards when I rented one in the Dominican Republic! Since then my biggest accomplishment was a 6 day through paddle of a 70 mile river!

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    I am a Paddle Board enthusiast that fell in love with paddleboards when I rented one in the Dominican Republic! Since then my biggest accomplishment was a 6 day through paddle of a 70 mile river!