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Sup 14' Boards From BlueFin
Sup 14' Boards From BlueFin

Do you need paddle board lessons?

Lessons do help you understand the proper techniques of how to paddle board but do you need them? No, failing to stand up and falling into the water doesn’t ruin the paddle board experience at all! In my opinion, it makes it more fun and is a part of learning how to paddle board! If you are struggling to stand up you may want to learn how to balance on a stand up paddle board which lessons can help with!

If you are a beginner you can easily paddle around on your knees to get used to the movement of the board and then begin to try to stand up.

You do need a bit of balance and strength in your legs but if you already surf or snowboard than this will be easier for you. If not, don’t worry about it too much because you can still have a great time paddle boarding even when you aren’t standing up!

The great thing about paddle boarding is that it’s easy to get started and there isn’t a lot of equipment involved. The best way to learn how to stand up on your SUP is by getting out on the water and trying. You will fall in initially but that’s part of learning any new sport. If you don’t have a paddle board yet and you are getting one to burn more calories you may want to read our article about if kayaking or paddleboarding burns more calories.

Getting on and off the paddle board

Before we get started with any of the techniques, tips and tricks that will help you master your stand up paddle boarding skills, it is important to have the ability to get on and off the paddleboard safely.

When falling off of your paddle board you should try to fall away from the paddle board and flat against the water. If you fall straight back you run the risk of hitting your head on the board or even getting tangled in the leash. When trying to get back on the board there are a couple of different techniques that can be used. The first technique is to slide yourself onto the board with your hands on one side of the board and then bring your legs over. This technique works well in calm water but becomes more difficult in choppy conditions.

The second technique is to grab the carry handle with one hand and pull yourself up until you can reach the opposite rail. Then kick hard and pull yourself on. This technique works better in choppy conditions but is harder than just sliding onto the top of the board.

Standing up on the Stand up paddle board

The kneeling position is the best way to start learning how to stand up on your paddle board. Start by getting on the board and making sure you are comfortable in the kneeling position.

When in the kneeling position on the paddleboard your next step is to slowly get up and put your feet where your knees were. Once you are standing up make sure your knees stay active and place your paddle in the water. Overall, the paddle will help you maintain balance and make sure to properly use your upper body to control the motions of the paddle.

Wearing proper safety gear

Bluefin cruise coil leash

Paddle boarding is fun, but it’s important to take the proper safety precautions. Follow these helpful tips to ensure a safe and exciting time on your paddle board! And if you aren’t sure what gear to bring then check out our blog covering, What to bring stand up paddle boarding.

Paddle in a safe location.

Since you are just starting, choose a location with a low-level of current, wind, and waves. The perfect place would be a calm body of water without any boat traffic. Make sure to wear a life jacket if necessary; it will help keep you safe in the water. In case you fall off your board, use a leash to keep your board from drifting too far away from you as you swim to retrieve it. It 

Paddle at the right time.

The best time of day to paddle board would be when the winds are calmest, tides are lowest, and the sun isn’t too hot for you to handle. Avoid paddling during storms or bad weather conditions so that you don’t get hurt. Paddle early in the morning or later in the evening so that there aren’t many people out on the water yet; this way, you won’t have to worry about running into other boaters while practicing your new skill!


Choosing to do paddle board lessons may help you but typically you can have just as much fun learning how to do it on your own. If you are wondering about the best time to buy a paddle board you should try to purchase one in the winter! You can read our review on the bluefin cruise to learn more about what to look for when buying a sup.

I am a Paddle Board enthusiast that fell in love with paddleboards when I rented one in the Dominican Republic! Since then my biggest accomplishment was a 6 day through paddle of a 70 mile river!

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    I am a Paddle Board enthusiast that fell in love with paddleboards when I rented one in the Dominican Republic! Since then my biggest accomplishment was a 6 day through paddle of a 70 mile river!